A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

The action of game take place in the 6th century BC, ancient Greece.

You can choose a city-state of the 12 and you must use economic resources, fleet, allies and fight with enemy fleets to preserve naval supremacy.

Use coins to build a fleet and protect your city or conquest enemies. You can collect coins from trade route or taxes of population. Marines are soldiers armed with javelins. Rowers are civilians payed for moving the ships.

AI get tactic by fleet formation. Enemy ships can be sinked using ram from front of your ships or with fired javelins by marines.


Move camera: W, A, S, D or mouse cursor.

Pause: P.

Zoom: Q and E.

Select fleet/settlement/ship: left mouse button.

Move fleet/ship: right mouse button.

Install instructions

Extract and run.

For Linux users, if you don't have installed SFML you can run game from bash script: sh Konio.sh


Konio.zip 39 MB
Konio.tar 39 MB


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